SoHo is closed

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SoHo is the ALLIES office and is located on the third floor of the Cohen University Center, Room 335. When it is open, feel free to come by to hang out, do work, or talk with someone who is SafeZone trained. Our SafeZone trained members regularly hold office hours in SoHo.

Support Groups

About Support Groups

Support groups are meant to create smaller communities within ALLIES. The groups vary in atmosphere and activities, but all provide help on their topic and a fun and safe social environment.

All support groups meet in SoHo (CUC 335). SoHo will be closed to the public during support group meetings. If you are interested in joining a support group, please fill out this form.

Questions? Contact our support chair!

List of Support Groups

Questioning Support Group

A discussion and resource based support group for anyone who is not completely certain about their orientation or gender identity.

Contact: Isaac Grosof (they/them)

Next meeting: Thursday, 5:00-6:30 pm

Graduate Student Support Group

Graduate student support group is a casual weekly meeting open to all for anyone interested in getting to know other members of the community. We set this hour aside once a week to touch base and take a break from work. Stop by, play a game, color, vent about your day, or tell us more about you.

Contact: Amanda Willard (she/her)

Next meeting: Friday, 4:00-5:00pm

Trans/NB Support Group

This is the support group for people who identify as transgender/non-binary, or are questioning. Make friends, vent about gender stuff, and connect with other people in the community who can better understand and share your experiences. We have weekly meetings on Sundays in SOHO, room 335 (ALLIES clubroom, above Au Bon Pain).

Contact: Jett Vaultz (they/them)

Next meeting: Saturday, 3:30-5:30 pm

Queer Women Support Group

Queer Women's Support Group (qweska for short) is a support group for women who identify as non-straight to hang out, have a great time, and do fun themed events together! Seeing as there exist very few women only queer spaces in Pittsburgh in general, this group is a space for us to share our experiences and connect. Meetings will be bi weekly, and are hosted mostly off campus to give us a chance to get out and explore Pittsburgh.

Contact: Nikki Ambalo (she/her)

Next meeting: Contact support group organizer

Mental Health Support Group is on hiatus

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