SoHo is open

(Last updated: Thu, Sep 01 10:36)

SoHo is the ALLIES office and is located on the third floor of the Cohen University Center, Room 335. When it is open, feel free to come by to hang out, do work, or talk with someone who is SafeZone trained. Our SafeZone trained members regularly hold office hours in SoHo.


ALLIES is a social and activist organization at Carnegie Mellon University for those of all genders and orientations. We provide a safe, social space for anyone with an open mind to find new friends, talk about issues, raise awareness, and relax after class. We are called ALLIES because we are not a single mass; we are all ALLIED with each other through supporting our own individual lives and experiences. Join us in being active, being social, and/or being ourselves!

We have general body meetings every Wednesday at 5pm in CUC Dowd which involve planning events for the club and discussing new initiatives, as well as sharing ideas and news.

We also hold social meetings every Friday at 6pm in Soho where we hold fun activities and games to help destress after class.

Below, you can check out our upcoming events and initiatives, as well as news from members of our community. You can also read more about us here.

The site is currently being updated, so some information may be outdated. Please refer to our email updates for the most recent information. Thank you for your understanding!

Post-Meeting Update 9-22-16 [NO FENCE]


Thanks to everyone who helped us bake cupcakes yesterday! They came out really well, and I'm sure they will be popular tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get the fence today, so we won't be able to paint it for tomorrow. However, we'll be trying to get the fence for other events throughout the school year, so you'll definitely get a chance to paint the fence with ALLIES this year!

We will still be tabling near the fence from 11am to 3pm tomorrow, spreading information about bisexuality, as well as bisexual flag and pansexual flag colored cupcakes! Make sure to sign up on our tabling sheet!

Finally, we have an ice cream social on Friday! It's at 4:30pm in Danforth Lounge (the second floor of the CUC, on the side closer to the football field). This is a different time and place than our usual social meetups! There will likely be people in SoHo (CUC 335) at 6pm anyway, but our social meetup this week is the ice cream social. Invite your friends! There's free Rita's Italian ice and frozen custard! It's a fun way to get to know others in the community while also eating tasty treats.

Other announcements:

  1. Hair Dyeing Party
    • Want to dye your hair in a queer setting?
    • Yes.
    • Date: Saturday, October 8th
    • Location: Darrius’s Studio (we'll meet in SoHo and walk over)
    • Check out hair products on Amazon here.
    • If you want to pay us to order product for you, orders deadline is September 30th.
    • If you need bleach, you need to tell Nat (email below).
    • Email Nat ( any questions about the event and/or hair products.

See you tomorrow!

--Kelly "that wasn't very cash money of you" Rauchenberger