SoHo is closed

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SoHo is the ALLIES office and is located on the third floor of the Cohen University Center, Room 335. When it is open, feel free to come by to hang out, do work, or talk with someone who is SafeZone trained. Our SafeZone trained members regularly hold office hours in SoHo.


ALLIES is a social and activist organization at Carnegie Mellon University for those of all genders and sexual orientations. We provide a safe, social space for anyone with an open mind to find new friends, talk about issues, raise awareness, and relax after class. We are called ALLIES because we are not a single mass; we are all ALLIED with each other through supporting our own individual lives and experiences. Join us in being active, being social, and/or being ourselves!

We have general body meetings every Wednesday at 5pm in SoHo which involve sharing ideas and news, as well as fun activities and games to help destress after class.

We have exec meetings every Friday at 2:30pm in SoHo where we plan events for the club and discuss new initiatives.

Below, you can check out our upcoming events and initiatives, as well as news from members of our community. You can also read more about us here.

Post-Meeting Update 11/18/15 (brought to you from The Fence!)

Helloooooooo ALLIES,

Thanks again for a fantastic meeting filled with education and activism and each other's company. I am currently chilling with Darrius, Jett and Tom at the fence, and it is quite rainy, but we're watching videos about frogs, so it's okay.


  • Social and Activism Chair Elections
    • Social and Activism chair are semester-long positions, so we must elect the Social and Activism Chairs for Spring 2016!
    • Fantastic opportunity to gain some valuable leadership experience and a great resume builder!
    • More detailed descriptions of the positions can be found here.
    • Nominate yourself or someone else via this form.
    • The elections will take place during the meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd, right after Thanksgiving break.
    • If you have questions about the positions, you can direct questions to Nat (our current Social Chair) and Darrius (our current Activism Chair).


  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
    • Friday, November 20th
    • 11:00am-3:00pm, plus setup and teardown
    • We will be reading the names of trans people who have died due to violence with a megaphone out on the Cut, as well as staking little flags in the ground that have the names of trans people who have passed on them.
    • Sign up to table/read names here!


  • Late Night Drag Show
    • We want to have a drag show for a Late Night in the CUC sometime next semester.
    • This would require lots of planning, advertising, performance, etc.
    • If anyone is really pumped about this, email us and we will find a role for you to help!
    • More information to come.


  • Trans/Non-Binary Support Group

  • People of Color Support Group

    • Divya is starting a PoC support group!
    • Divya would also like a co-leader of the group if possible so that there can be a diversity of experiences in the leadership of this group.
    • If you are interested in being a part of the PoC support group, fill out Divya's wonderful Google form!
    • Contact Divya with any questions.


  • Prideful Garment Commissions
    • Our knitting project is in full swing! We will knit you a hat scarf, gloves, or any other winter garment (within reason) in the colors of the pride flag of your choice.
    • $20 for three colors, $23 for four colors, $25 for more
    • Check out more details/order on our commissions page!
    • Email Kelly and/or Nat if you are interested in helping knit/crochet!


  • Themed Housing Opportunity

    • Aaron George, Morewood Gardens Housefellow, send us this email about an opportunity to move forward with a gender inclusive housing space. See his email below.

      Dear Members of Allies,

      My name is Aaron George and I am the housefellow for Morewood Gardens.

      I have a 10 person apartment on the first floor of MG that I would like to turn into a themed living space. This theme would center on gender inclusivity, feminism, equality, sex education and health, violence prevention, and social justice. I’m currently drafting a proposal and application process. However, I need to gauge current interest in providing this themed housing option. I’m specifically looking for members of the SSN, Peer Health Advocates, and members of Allies to live in this space to provide programming and outreach to the Morewood Gardens AND campus community.

      Here is a little information about the apartment itself:

      • First floor of MG down by the fitness center
      • Private kitchen and living room
      • 2 double rooms and 2 triple rooms
      • 1 double room shares a bathroom with 1 triple (5 people for one bathroom)

      If you or your friends are interested in this or you have any questions, please email me ( and I can follow up with you.

      All the best,


Yaaaaaay fun things!

Once again a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone who has been at the fence this week! You all are amazing and I'm super proud of us! I've noticed that we're definitely starting conversations about trans-related things around campus. Great job everyone! Let's finish the week strong! :D

--Gale "awwwwwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaan" Bonker

--Jett "what are frogs?" Vaultz