SoHo is closed

(Last updated: Sat, Feb 06 23:37)

SoHo is the ALLIES office and is located on the third floor of the Cohen University Center, Room 335. When it is open, feel free to come by to hang out, do work, or talk with someone who is SafeZone trained. Our SafeZone trained members regularly hold office hours in SoHo.


ALLIES is a social and activist organization at Carnegie Mellon University for those of all genders and sexual orientations. We provide a safe, social space for anyone with an open mind to find new friends, talk about issues, raise awareness, and relax after class. We are called ALLIES because we are not a single mass; we are all ALLIED with each other through supporting our own individual lives and experiences. Join us in being active, being social, and/or being ourselves!

We have general body meetings every Wednesday at 5pm in SoHo which involve sharing ideas and news, as well as fun activities and games to help destress after class.

We have exec meetings every Friday at 2:30pm in SoHo where we plan events for the club and discuss new initiatives.

Below, you can check out our upcoming events and initiatives, as well as news from members of our community. You can also read more about us here.

Post-Meeting Update 01/27/16

Hello wonderful ALLIES,

Wow, that was an amazing meeting! We talked about lots of great stuff (see below), and then created and played a hilarious and super-real yet non-offensive version of Apples to Apples / Cards Against Humanity / Crabs Adjust Humidity. I think my face might still hurt a little bit from laughing! :D

Administrative Stuff

  • Membership Feedback Survey

    • The exec team made a survey asking about different programming that ALLIES does.
    • Please fill it out so that we can make sure we are meeting everyone's needs!
    • New ways to do current programming and/or new ideas altogether are always welcome (and encouraged)!
  • Gender Inclusive Housing

    • The application for on-campus gender inclusive housing for next year is LIVE!
    • The application form can be found here (on the Bridge), and more information can be found here.
    • This is a pilot year for on-campus gender inclusive housing, so it's really important that we fill the space so that it can stay for future years!
    • Please fill out the form if interested and spread the word!! Contact Ashley with questions.


  • SafeZone

    • SafeZone has recently been revamped! Trainings are now 2 hours and will happen 2-3 times per month.
    • Some trainings will be on Mondays from 5:00-7:00pm, others on Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00pm (conveniently right after our GBMs! We hope more people can get involved in the trainings this way.)
    • The next SafeZone training will take place on Monday, February 1st from 5-7pm in CUC Dowd.
    • More information and a registration form can be found here.
    • If you have been SafeZone trained already, do us a favor and fill out this Google form.
    • Contact Ashley or Jeannene with questions.
  • Office Hours

    • If you are SafeZone trained, please let us know when you can host office hours in SoHo this semester if you have not done so already! :)
  • Support Groups

    • The Trans/Non-Binary support group is currently still meeting on Sundays at noon, but Kelly and Nat plan on sending out a scheduling email soon to see if this time and day still works for people. Email Kelly and/or Nat if you are interested in this support group.
    • The People of Color support group is going to be up and running soon! Contact Divya if interested in participating or helping lead this group.


  • Student Organization Summit

    • Sunday, February 14th, 10:00am-3:30pm in the CUC
    • Lots of workshops, panels and speakers from all over CMU and the Pittsburgh community will be talking about leadership transition, event planning and finances in regards to leading student organizations.
    • Great opportunity for anyone who is interested in running for an exec position for next year!
  • Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference

    • Hosted by Pennsylvania Youth Congress
    • Friday, April 8th - Sunday, April 10th
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Workshops, caucuses, keynotes, speakers, networking and fun!
    • Registration is only $35, includes food!
    • We will be road tripping there! :D
    • Get excited! If you are interested in attending, let us know!

GAYpril Activism Events

  • Open Mic Night: Breaking the Silence

    • We have decided to postpone the Queer Fashion Show until next year and have an Open Mic Night this semester instead!
    • This Open Mic Night will be called "Breaking the Silence," and will serve as our annual Day of Silence event.
    • Thursday, April 7th in CUC McConomy
    • We will be reaching out to (and hopefully working with) many other orgs in the CMU and Pittsburgh community.
    • We will need folks to perform and help advertise.
  • Festival of Equality

    • This is an annual kickoff to GAYpril event, where we have a giant BBQ on the Cut with music to celebrate all the progress that our community has made over the years.
    • This year, it will be taking place on Monday, March 28th from 11am-3pm.
    • This year we also want to make the event more informational, with big trifolds with information about different sections and intersections of our community.
    • Therefore, we need YOU to help us make these trifolds! We thought this could be done in a similar manner to the way people have written our pamphlets in the past, with the godsend that is Google Drive, in addition to the help of GBM activity time. More info on this to come as the date gets closer.

Thanks for reading all the way through! You all are amazing and I'm grateful for every single one of you. ^_^

--Gale "the gender of the day is gender" Bonker

--Gale "the transgenda has object permanence" Bonker

--Gale "the crabs are adjusting the humidifier" Bonker